Tess Lewsey

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Tess Lewsey's Radio Interviews

Here you can listen to recent interviews that I have recorded and broadcast on Wey Velley Radio.

Have you tried vegan food? Is it all lettuce leaves and lentals? Tess Lewsey spoke to Rachel Lowe about Veganuary, an initiative to encourage people to try tasty vegan food for the month of January. You may be surprised!

You can find out more at Rachel's website.


Zoe Sweet
Most of us, when we carve a pumpkin at Holloween, scoop out the inside, cut a scary face and put a candle inside. 

But not Zoe Sweet who creates the most amazing designs, such as the image of ET illustrates. 

Tess spoke to her to find out how she does it.

David Howden
David is an author and book binder. Tess spoke to him about  his new book "The Tooth Bearer" and also whether in this digital day and age, there is still a need for a book binder.




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